What is the meaning of seeing your own birth chart in the dream?

What is the meaning of seeing your own birth chart in the dream? +91-7357771057 Aghori Pawan ji  Although contemporary astrologers generally do not consider themselves to be dreams, the attraction to dreams and the need for their interpretation extends back to the school days of astrology. It is sometimes surprising to learn that astrology has a complete set of tools designed to withstand dreams and decode your dreams.

In this article, I will introduce traditional and modern methods of astrological dream analysis and show you how you can easily increase your naughty charts, transits and the use of scary astrology to master the art of dreaming. Although dreams can have wide meanings, astrology allows us to use a clear, limited symbol, plans, signs, and houses, which they consider to be clear. is. Gives – to understand them. No special technique or point is needed, just astrological symbolism is very commonly used. What is the meaning of seeing your own birth chart in the dream?

Other processes often do not take into account personality and temperament with dreaming – astrology does.

  1. How dreams are seen in pure chart
    The victim chart can help us understand how a person’s own language works. The ninth house is the place of dreams, so its ruler and any planet of the house describe the style of individual dreams. If one has strong, positive planets then they often have pleasant dreams or dreams that are beneficial to them. Certainly, the opposite is true for people with difficult or troubled plans, male plans, and bad days.

What is the meaning of seeing your own birth chart in the dream?

Samuel called me as she was having many repetitions and good dreams in the last few weeks near her birthday. He was last called on this night, the night before, most recently due to a dream. She said it was a very good representation of all dreams and I wanted to know if I could help her understand what she was saying.)

The natal chart is not shown here astrologer because only two planets are relevant. His ninth house ruler is Mercury. When dreams are trying to communicate, they may have a dreamer pattern to do with business things: travel, messages, young people, words and numbers, communication issue. What is the meaning of seeing your own birth chart in the dream?

Mercury is in the fifth house. His dreams can be about children, Rome, fun, the things he loves and his creative expression. Mercury is not well reputed and is a hard house rule, it gives the ability to represent certain business things that can be annoying or harmful, which can cause stress or illness, and can be related to thank you tasks Huh. Huh. . The ruler of the sixth Mercury also makes up his mind to realize his dream without any work.

Jupiter is also in its ninth position, which means that sometimes it is also capable of representing something that flourishes. Perhaps as the ruler of the twelfth house he easily dreams about apprehensions, especially concerning “self-anticipation”, which is his greatest enemy. (They will also have some good spiritual dreams from Jupiter … maybe they won’t have to ask for help at any time!).

With her dream life with rising Jupiter and troubled Mercury, she is probably the only type of dream when things are not going smoothly.) When her dreams are like this, she has a message of unconsciousness. What is the meaning of seeing your own birth chart in the dream?

  1. Consultation
    The counseling chart is a familiar tool for astrologers. We can use counseling about dreams to reveal the meaning of the situation that the client is in right now, playing all the situations of life in their homes and focusing around a person, a natal Charting.

While it may be appropriate to use dream time for charts, or even at which time the dream was remembered, it is impossible to know the first and second. As with all future astrology, we can expect that the moment you are asked to interpret the dream is important and explains the dream appropriately.

A chart is prepared in the form of a grand chart for the question “What does my dream mean?” We will use this chart to astrologer identify the major aspirations of dreams and their meanings. First, however, we will examine how the dream is described in the Natal Chart, as each of us has a personal language of credit patterns and symbols that we re-use in our dreams. Finally, we’ll explain the dream, combining these charts with transits affecting the natal chart (because dreams are after very fleeting events!). What is the meaning of seeing your own birth chart in the dream?

Step-by-step analysis-chart analysis: Samuel’s dream
Highlights of the dream that ended before night were as follows:

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